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Holidays in Corfu : 4 reasons why everyone wants to live this experience.

Holidays in Corfu are a lifelong dream for people all over the world. Corfu has been a popular destination since the middle of last century, when mass tourism began. However, Corfu has attracted travellers ever since the 18th century including the British.

What is the secret of Corfu’s popularity?

Why do people visit in their millions?

Why is a holiday in Corfu a must for so many people?

The answer lies in Corfu’s connection between past and present – and, it seems, the future.

So, let’s list the reasons that holidays in Corfu are so attractive to so many people:


Fun and Culture!




















Corfu combines entertainment and culture masterfully. It really has the best of both worlds.

The island features museums, cultural sites, unique architecture, temples, fortresses, a thriving market and an interesting history. At the same time it’s bursting with beautiful organized beaches, fantastic beach bars with luxurious beach service and all manner of water sports.

There are a plethora of fabulous restaurants all over the island with various cuisines and of course Mediterranean cuisine is the star.

There are many stylish and modern bars with vibrantly coloured cocktails and music.

Accommodation is available for all tastes and for every price range. We highly recommend Nostalgia Corfu Apartments which are very close to Corfu Town, for unforgettable holidays in Corfu.



The Old Town


The Old Town of Corfu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been since 2007. Like a living theatre set, it is a paradox: so small that you can explore it all in a day and so vast that it always has a new treasure for you to discover. It boasts narrow winding streets with towering classical houses tightly packed together and many churches. The churches are Orthodox Christian but have been influenced by the beauty of western architecture. Everything was squeezed in to fit within the old city walls (now demolished) but among the dense buildings, you can always find an oasis: a quiet square with its well, unchanged by time.

The Old Town does not have grandiose buildings, but it has a faded majesty, a natural gentility that comes from its passage through the ages.




Corfu’s nature scene is unique. A kaleidoscope of green and blue, rarely found in one place.

All over the island, the plant life is abundant, the trees in many places reaching right down to the sea!

From North to South and from East to West the landscape varies. Sandy beaches, pebble beaches, mountains, forests, small lakes, plateaus and lush green squares in every village.  An ideal mix which leads to a new discovery at every turn of the road. The terrain is also suitable for many different activities, from windsurfing to paragliding. Another reason Corfu is so well loved- it has something for everyone.


The people



Corfu has many influences left by the different peoples and cultures that dominated the island. One might say that like the architecture, the temperament of the people is more reminiscent of the Venetians. This is to be expected, since the Venetians were the leading power in Corfu for 411 years.

Corfiots are very chatty and lively like the Venetians, proud like the Greeks, artistic in their nature, and warm in their character. They sing and love music, they have good taste and they are very hospitable.

On holidays and weekends, they like to be sociable, filling the cafes and restaurants of the town and countryside and taking part in the island’s cultural and religious events.

There are certain festivities during the year that Corfiots always look forward to:

Orthodox Easter, one of the most famous celebrations in the world.

August 11th which celebrates the miracle of St Spyridon in repelling the Turkish conquerors.

December 12th which celebrates Saint Spyridon’s name day. He is Corfu’s patron saint, which explains why so many Corfiots are called Spiro!


Choose your place!



Fun and Culture, the Old Town, Nature and People are what make Corfu irresistible, either alone or in colourful combination with each other.

The best idea if you go on holidays in Corfu is to choose accommodation that is both close to the Old Town and in a central location that allows you to explore the whole island.

Nostalgia Corfu Apartments is located in the heart of the island. It is ideal for those who want freedom of movement, quiet luxury, and top amenities. It is only a 10-minute walk from Corfu’s Old Town and has easy parking if you rent a car.

Rest assured that whatever your preferences, a holiday in Corfu will be the experience of a lifetime. Live it!