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Easter Holidays in Corfu

Easter is the biggest festival of Greek Orthodox Church and being in Corfu these days is an exciting experience. Thousands of visitors, Corfiots and both Orthodox and Catholic church celebrate together as a huge family. Although the Catholic Easter is not celebrated same days with the Orthodox Easter, Catholic church participates in the festivities too. Experience this Easter in Corfu and you will immediately understand why these holidays are different here compared to any other part of Greece. And to be sure that you will enjoy every moment to the fullest, see what you have to do:

On Great Thursday night, tour the cantons of the old town center. Listen to the Philharmonic Orchestra preparing for the tracks to be played on Great Friday and Great Saturday and walk through Liston, which is decorated in purple. There’s no doubt the music will move you.

On Great Friday, the epitaphs in Corfu start the tour in the city early in the afternoon until they gather in the evening at the Diocese. The Philharmonic Orchestra you heard the day before plays mournful pieces by Albinoni and Verdi, which will make you cry.

On Great Saturday the earthquake that followed Christ’s Resurrection is represented by an artificial earthquake at 6.00 am at the church of Virgin “Madonna of foreigners”. At 11.00 am the bells announce the “morning Resurrection”. The mood becomes joyful and festive! Corfiots make noise while throwing large red clays of windows and balconies, which is a big tradition.

At 12.00 in the midnight the most spectacular and impressive event, the Resurrection Mass takes place at the bandstand on the Upper Esplanade square with many Philharmonic bands and thousands of people.

On Easter Sunday things become quieter. Corfiots gather with their families and friends and roast the lamb. The menu of Easter days includes “red eggs” which are dyed red on Holy Thursday. People crack that red eggs while saying the phrases “Christos Anesti” and “Alithos Anesti” to one another. You can enjoy the quiet Corfu Town and visit one of the traditional restaurants.