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Shopping in Corfu and what to bring back home from your holidays.

Spending holidays in Corfu is for sure a delightful experience! But what about shopping in Corfu and what to bring back home from your holidays? Read the article and turn back home with the best gifts and products from your amazing holidays in Corfu!

With the first walk through the Old Town, the Modern Town, and the villages of the island, you will see many local delicacies, leather goods, decorations, and much more! You’ll most likely want to take them all!

Since your suitcase can’t hold all of Corfu’s market and you obviously need some money for the trip home, we’ve prepared a list for your shopping in Corfu! We have gathered the most representative items you can take home to remind you all winter long of your fantastic summer holidays in Corfu!


Local sweets



Be sure to buy a jar of kumquat spoon sweets. This fruit arrived in Corfu from Japan in the 19th century. Since then, it has been steadily cultivated, both for its beautiful appearance and for its special taste and aroma.

Enjoy kumquat spoon sweet on its own as a dessert, put it in your yogurt, or serve it on top of a cake or sweet tart.

If you’re gifting it as a souvenir from Corfu, give your friends the ideas above to enjoy it.


Olive Oil



Corfu is famous for its high-quality olive oil. Purchase a bottle or two to take home, as it can add a delicious Mediterranean touch to your cooking and make for a great gift for friends and family.

Choose glass or ceramic bottles of local fine extra virgin olive oil. Because it is dangerous to break buy small size bottles, put them in a plastic bag and then wrap them tightly in towels each individually.

Keep in mind that this is a delicatessen super food, which is eaten raw, on top of a salad, in a meal, or as an appetizer with fresh bread.

Tip: apply a drop to your skin before bedtime. Wake up in the morning with velvety, vibrant skin!


Local Wine



Greece, including Corfu, produces excellent wines. Explore the local vineyards and shops to discover some unique bottles of Greek wine that you will take back home as a gift or for yourself.

Prefer the variety of Kakotrygis. It is the most characteristic Corfiot variety of white wine with a distinctive taste and aroma.

If it is hard enough to take bottles with you, just drink wine in your lovely apartment at Nostalgia Corfu Town Apartments, enjoying it in its homeplace!





While shopping in Corfu, you will discover very interesting ceramic objects, wooden utensils, and embroidery items. Be careful: not everything is authentic! Look for the shops that have unique pieces, you will stand out! Ask the owner where they are made and what each one means. The more authentic your purchase is, the more nostalgic it will remind you of your holiday in Corfu.


Leather goods



How about a pair of sandals that will tell your own Greek legend for many years to come? Sandals might be a wonderful idea as a gift for your loved ones too. They are affordable, durable, and very Greek! Wherever you wear them, you’ll feel a bit like a Greek, or rather an ancient Greek, since their design is inspired by ancient Greece.


Dried herbs



The Greek countryside is very rich in herbs. Herbs offer taste and health benefits! Their beneficial properties have been known since ancient times. Get oregano for salad (oregano is nature’s most powerful antioxidant), thyme for chicken, sage for chicken and also as a drink for stomachache, mint for colds, chamomile for insomnia, and rosemary for baked potatoes. You can take lots of small, small bags and give them to your friends because they cost very little.

Tip: go to the grocery stores where the locals shop to find good quality, freshly packaged dried herbs.


In the town market, you will also find many more items, such as clothes, linens, jewelry, and more. Enjoy the experience, strike up a conversation with the shopkeepers and of course, enjoy a cold coffee or a cool glass of wine in the beautiful alleys when you’ve finished shopping! You are sure to be very happy and love shopping in Corfu.