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How to spend a rainy day in Corfu

How to spend a rainy day in Corfu.

If you’re wondering how to spend a rainy day in Corfu, luckily there are plenty of suggestions.

First, Corfu, because of its physiognomy, is beautiful every season of the year. It has a town that offers several activities and traditional settlements that even in bad weather are wonderfully romantic!

We have gathered suggestions to enjoy the rainy days in Corfu making unique memories!



How to spend a rainy day in Corfu, Nostalgia Corfu Town Apartments

How to spend a rainy day in Corfu: Coffee first!

The Old Town is full of small streets, between the old buildings with their beautiful front doors and wooden windows. Every now and then a kind lady turns the corner with careful little steps to avoid slipping on the old flagstones. Every now and then a bourgeois holds his umbrella so that a lady who came down from the house can cross the street. And every now and then shopkeepers come out and pick up the dry leaves in front of their shops to allow the water to run off unhindered. All this and more can be enjoyed through the glass windows of a beautiful café while the drops roll before your eyes, making the sight even more romantic.

We recommend Puppet and Bristol on Eugeniou Voulgareos Street.

If on the other hand, you want to let your eyes wander around the large square and the Old Fortress, sit at Josephine or Liston Gastrotheque in the historic Liston building that reminds you of Paris!


Small breaths of culture.


How to spand a rainy day in Corfu

Municipal Gallery of Corfu, artist: Georgios Samartzis


Pick a museum and love it!

We recommend:

The Archaeological Museum: located on the outskirts of the Old Town, on Vraila Armeni Street, a few meters from the magical bay of Garitsa, which becomes particularly charming when the weather is wild. The archaeological museum hosts important findings from all the ancient historical periods of Corfu.

The living museum Casa Parlante in the center of the Old Town: This is an old house that recreates in a very realistic way the life of an urban family in the city.

The Municipal Gallery: it hosts great works of Corfu painters and in a way tells the history of Corfu. The space is classy and very welcoming.


The National Gallery, Alexandros Soutsos in the village of Korakiana: this is a branch of the National Gallery of Greece. It hosts works of the most important Greek artists and is a comprehensive, fascinating tour of the art of Greece. You will need transport to get there.


Beauty & Wellness.


How to spend a rainy day in Corfu

photo by Aurelia SPA


A rainy day is ideal for relaxation.

We suggest you experience it to the fullest at the luxurious Aurelia Spa by choosing body or facial massage and surrendering your senses to the experienced hands of trained beauticians.

Another more affordable option is the Golden Salon in the modern town where you can get manicures, pedicures, massages and rejuvenating facials.




The Corfu Alley Project, Shopping in Corfu, Nostalgia Apartments

The Alley Project Corfu


Keep your umbrella handy, wear safe shoes, and browse the interesting shops of the Old and Modern Town. Find clothes, shoes, cosmetics, objects, jewelry, linens, and anything else you want to acquire!

We recommend some shops you will love:

Antikeri in Town Hall Square: it is a small shop with objects, jewelry, and accessories of sophisticated aesthetics chosen with persistence and taste by the Italian owner.

The Alley Project: the shop where everything is unique, from the mugs to the clothes and that will remind you of Corfu every moment. It is located on Agios Vasileiou Street in the heart of the city.

NOMI: Buy from Nomi packaged pure products of the Greek land and take them with you to taste Greece all year round from your homeland.



Pomo d Oro Corfu, Nostalgia Apartments suggestions in town

Pomo D’ Oro Restaurant


Eat souvlaki at Pane e Souvlaki in Town Hall Square, Greek casserole dishes at Chrysomallis in the most central street of the Old Town, gourmet Mediterranean cuisine at Pomo D’ Oro, authentic Italian cuisine at Tavola Calda.

If you prefer a souvlaki on the hand, go for Pikantiko in the Piazza area.





Corfu Nostalgia Apartments, Liston Gastrotheque suggestion

Liston Gastrotheque


The Old Town offers many places for fascinating cocktails and good music. We recommend Liston Gastrotheque, Vittori and Bristol.


Alternative proposals in the countryside.

Visit The Governor olive oil mill in South Corfu and discover the magical world of olive oil, from the cultivation of the olive tree to the bottling of the golden liquid. Buy a bottle of the precious contents and take it home to flavor your fine dishes. For the visit, you will need to rent a car or use public transportation (35km from Nostalgia Apartments).

Visit the Ambelonas Vineyard in Triklino village and discover the magical world of wine production from the cultivation of the vine to the enjoyment in the glass. You can have lunch at the Vineyard. You will need a car (18 km from Nostalgia Apartments)



Remember, rain can add a unique charm to your travel experience, allowing you to explore Corfu in a different light.

At Nostalgia Corfu Town Apartments, we always have the best suggestions for you to spend unforgettable days in Corfu!

Take advantage and enjoy!