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Holidays in Corfu: the 10 things to take with you

Holidays in Corfu: the 5 things to take with you

Finally, the time has come for your Holidays in Corfu: the 5 things to take with you are gathered here for you, so you have everything you need and nothing more.

1. Let’s start with the clothes.

Choose your most comfortable clothes, not forgetting two things: firstly, Corfu is very humid. This means that it’s a good idea to take a cardigan or a light spring jacket. It is advisable to bring a thin packable one so that it fits in your bag and you can carry it with you at all times.

The second thing to keep in mind is that Corfu, apart from its beautiful natural environment and sightseeing, is a cosmopolitan island. It has fine-dining restaurants, bistros and bars that you will definitely want to visit. At the same time, there are concerts and various social events held in Corfu throughout the year that you might want to attend. So it is important to bring at least one outfit suitable for a night out. It could be a light dress for ladies and long trousers with a linen shirt for men. It doesn’t have to be too formal but something elegant that will make you feel good in a sophisticated setting.


2. The shoes

Holidays in Corfu: the 5 things to take with you We suggest you travel with sneakers. They are the most suitable shoes to take you from morning to night in Corfu.

You can wear them on your walk in the Old Town. They will be comfortable on your tour of the Old Fortress. There are very interesting tours you’ll be happy you joined. Also, during your stay at the Nostalgia Corfu Apartments, sneakers are just right for the town centre every day or to walk to the surrounding shops. They will be indispensable on your trips to the countryside and also getting to remote beaches. As you will be traversing paths through lush vegetation, sneakers are essential not only for comfortable walking but also for protection from snakes.

Apart from sneakers, sandals and flip flops are the obvious holiday shoes in Corfu. Besides, sandals can be beautifully combined with evening attire for a social outing.


3. The creams

First of all take sunscreen with you or buy some as soon as you arrive. Not one sunscreen but two, one for the face to wear every day wherever you go, and one for the beach. You don’t need to buy a sunscreen with an SPF 50 unless you have a specific reason. SPF 30 is perfect so you can return home with that perfect holiday bronze color.

A mosquito repellent and after bite balsam are also essential.

Finally, a moisturizing body cream that relieves after the sun, the sea and the shower, will definitely be needed. These are available in Corfu.


4. A canteen

Beautiful Corfu is close to perfect. One of its problems is the quality of the mains water, which is not drinkable. The plastic bottles sold everywhere are harmful to the environment, they sweat, drip on the bag, do not have a comfortable grip and after a while get too hot to drink. A water bottle that keeps the water cool, that you can hang around your neck or put in your bag is the best thing for your excursions in the city and the countryside, especially for the remote beaches you will visit.



5. Mobile phone with good camera and power bank


If you were planning to buy a new mobile phone, do so before your holiday and choose one with a very good camera. Corfu has an incredible cultural and natural heritage that you’ll want to capture with your camera. Dozens of images, colours, lifestyle details in Corfu are enough in themselves to fill your Instagram feed with beauty and style. So if you belong to those who love photography and post or save their moments as memories for the future, take a good phone or camera with you.

The power bank is also important when you’re hours away from your base on an excursion, tour or beach. Don’t forget that by using some apps to keep you safe while browsing and searching for the best spots, the battery will run out faster than usual. So to avoid running out, take your power bank along.



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We hope the article “Holidays in Corfu: the 5 things to take with you”  was helpful enough to keep you happy and safe on your holidays in Corfu. In any case, during your stay at Nostalgia Corfu Apartments, you can ask for our help with anything you need. We are close to you, because your joy and safety on our island is our top priority.